Need some ideas/opinions on a project I have.
The project is for a Radio Station (online one) where DJ's can login to the 
site and do stuff and listeners can listen in live to the live feeds.
Now I downloaded a password protected code that uses MySQL to store the info 
but it fails each time.  It wont sucessfully login despite setting the database 
up correctly etc.  So instead of posting the code here I would like to know 
peoples ideas/links on a method of login.  What I'd prefer to set is not a HTML 
login but more the traditional popup box login.  Like used on CPANEL.  The 
username/password (details) will be stored to a database.  Any suggestions on 
fully working code?
Also each DJ will have a webpage within a database.  So updates to their pages 
will be made on the database, as I am not really good at writing to a text file 
from PHP from a webpage.  Never learnt it to be honest, what would be 
easiest/best?  Writing to a database or a text file directly?
Now if db I need each dj to have their own page like domain.com/djs/DJNAME.ext 
... I know there is a way to get the url written into the database and not 
exactly have the file in the www but reads from the database but I am not sure 
the PHP/MySQL code to use to handle it.  Any help is mostly appreciated?
That is it for now, if anyone is interested in the station itself to listen to 
or see progress please feel free to reply and I'll post the url.  

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