....ok....so as i put together a small testcase of this problem using
the same table and all of the same code except the code between while
(ocifetchinto()) { and } , the testcase worked.  looks like we have a
problem with a shallow copy of the clob occurring somewhere in our
database class in the application.  it's odd to me that this happens
to clobs and not blobs.  given that the exact same block of code runs
against blobs, clobs, and all other values returned from ocifetchinto

at any rate, thank you for your time etc.

On 11/9/05, Christopher Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What line of code is 1546?  How are you binding/executing/fetching?
> Are you using OCI_B_CLOB?
> If you post a complete (small) testcase we may can look at it.
> Please include DDL to create any table.
> Most importantly, use the refactored OCI8 driver:
>    http://pecl.php.net/package/oci8
> -- cj
> Script This wrote:

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