There doesn't seem to be a way to get a response from the mailing list owner 
(you just get an automated "Hey are you stupid?" response), so I'm posting this 
here.  My appologies.

Are there any plans to make your digests work with Outlook Express?  Yes, I 
know it's old.  Yes, I know it's broken.  But the fact is, I (and a whole lot 
of other people) use it as their primary email client -- and I have yet to find 
one that works as well on Windows (including Thunderbird).  Every other mailing 
list that I'm on sends the whole digest as one single text message.  It's 
simple and it works in all email clients.  Can you at least provide that as an 
option?  I'd love to contribute to the list, but it makes it hard when you have 
to click each message as an attachment to read them.


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