Well I tried this code but it fails, if I enter a correct User and Pass set in 
the db it just prompts for the user/pass again.  The error message that should 
apply if wrong three times appears but the sucessful message I can't get 
regardless of correct user pass or not, any help please?
function displayLogin() { 
header("WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm=\"My Website\""); 
header("HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized"); 
echo "<h2>Authentication Failure</h2>"; 
echo "The username and password provided did not work. Please reload this page 
and try again."; 
$db = mysql_connect('localhost','db_user',db_pass') or die("Couldn't connect to 
the database."); 
mysql_select_db('db_name') or die("Couldn't select the database"); 
if (!isset($PHP_AUTH_USER) || !isset($PHP_AUTH_PW)) { 
// If username or password hasn't been set, display the login request. 
} else { 
// Escape both the password and username string to prevent users from inserting 
bogus data. 
$PHP_AUTH_USER = addslashes($PHP_AUTH_USER); 
// Check username and password agains the database. 
$result = mysql_query("SELECT count(id) FROM users WHERE 
password='$PHP_AUTH_PW' AND username='$PHP_AUTH_USER'") or die("Couldn't query 
the user-database."); 
$num = mysql_result($result, 0); 
if (!$num) { 
// If there were no matching users, show the login 
// All code/html below will only be displayed to authenticated users. 
echo "Congratulations! You're now authenticated."; 


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