I am having HUGE problems with the following:
HTTP Auth in the latest version of PHP.
Usernames are saved to a db but even when you enter a correct combination it 
fails.  So I think it is best to start from scratch and try and get some code 
from people that are using the latest version of PHP.  I am aware that there 
was huge problems with release 5.0 regarding this issue but when I put the 
updated code it it still fails.
So can someone provide me with the code I need.  ????  So i can try and let you 
know how I go.
What I need is: 
- PHP Code to input into my file.php file.  (this code should include an error 
message if a bad user/pass is entered and a sucessful message, or a redirect 
url code. User / Password is stored to a db, db_name preferable is "users"
- PHP code should include the connection to the db also, saves me editing it 
I have already setup a database already with the last code I have.  So if the 
query needs editing I can do this.  I just need something that works, and 
basic!  I have been trying to get this to work for ages.
Please provide two login methods, than I can test both.  Maybe it's the method 
of login that is causing me grief.
- HTTP popup box
- HTTP web-form
I have only tried the popup box method, never been able to get sucessfully 
logged in.  Not tried the web-form method yet.  If someone could whiz up some 
code for me or direct me to a url I can try and post back with the error I am 

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