Micah Stevens wrote:
I don't see what's more elegant about. They have a good point that you only need to do one out of the two, but doing it in Javascript versus PHP only has the advantage that it puts the processing load for that on the client computer. Am I missing something?

The second advantage is being more web standards compliant. Taking presentation out of the markup (clean table structure instead of <tr> attributes mess). But it's not the place for this (non-php) discussion, I just wanted to show another solution. 'More elegant' is only my opinion and I didn't want to offend anyone :)

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On Monday 14 November 2005 5:25 pm, Ajree wrote:

Take a look at this article on ALA:

It makes markup more elegant than repeated <tr bgcolor='...'>.


Jeff Grossman wrote:

I have a table, where each line is the output of a query from a MySQL
database.  I do not use borders, so the page is a little difficult to
read sometimes.  Is it possible, or how do I, alternate the background
color of each row when I output it?

My code is like this:

while (query) {

I am not sure how to output two rows in the same while loop.

Thanks for any help you can offer me.

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