Keep in mind you're referring to a filesystem path, and a relative one to 
boot, so what you're telling php is, that your upload directory is:


Which doesn't sound like what you intend. 

Also don't trust the php line numbers if you have significant whitespace in 
your code, sometimes it can get screwey. Look for your move_uploaded_file 


On Thursday 17 November 2005 8:58 am, Mohamed Yusuf wrote:
> I am trying to upload music file to server using php and saving file path
> to the MySql, But I am getting this error message "*Warning*:
> move_uploaded_file(music/media/): failed to open stream: No such file or
> directory in */home/somally/public_html/music/upload2.php* on line *36*".
>  line 36 is reference of this code *$uploadDir = 'www/music/media/';*
>  so what am I missing?, any help?

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