No. That would be nice though eh?

What I have done in the past is when a user needs to upload a file, I give 
them a linked button that links to a ftp:// style address. This ftp account 
points to a directory that PHP can have access to. 

The user then drags and drops (IE only) the files on this new window, which 
uploads the files to this directory. 

Once they're done, they close the window, and hit a second button 'Click here 
when finished uploading' which tells php to grab all the files in the upload 
directory and put them where they need to go. 

This is far from ideal, causes miserable problems when more than one person is 
using the technique at once, and offers a host of security and usability 
issues. Oh, and it's IE only, Firefox can't do this, and I don't think 
opera/safari can either. 

However, it's much better than uploading a ton of files individually using a 
form. I only use this for applications where I can be sure that only one user 
will use it at once, and they're trusted. 

In a pinch it works though. I don't care so much about drag and drop, I was 
just trying to solve the multi-file upload issue. I wish there was a better 

If I'm stupid and there is, I'd love to hear about it. 


On Friday 18 November 2005 5:42 pm, Chris Payne wrote:
> HI there everyone,
> I have a file upload system where you select via requester the file to
> upload, it then uploads it with PHP and stores the info in a MySQL
> database. Is there an interface / programming method I can use which I can
> DRAG a file from the desktop into an area in a form just as if I had used a
> file requester to select a file?  Learning a new programming technique is
> no problem as long as it can be used with PHP and MYSQL.
> Any helps / pointers would be REALLY welcome.
> Chris

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