Okay I have a dj site, I have alogin script and cookies to handle the login.  
  Next I want to add some permissions for each dj account.  Maybe 3 to start 
with, 3 permissions.  
  A value or y or n will be set in each permission, with n being the default.
  Now I need to know how to output the permission out with some add php code.
  So let me explain:
  Three permissions lets say are perm_1 , perm_2 , and perm_3
  If user bob has a y in perm_2 I want to output the perm_2 permission.  Which 
lets say is to delete a dj account.  So it needs to output some php code to 
work with the database.  Is IF statements relevent/safe for this or is there a 
better method?
  So each user account on default will need to also check the values of the 
permission.  So I need a code that checks for a y value in each permission.  If 
none is found than nothing is displayed or a message saying you have no special 
permissions currently.  But if one or more are met than those permissions are 
outputed to the relevant permission code.  
  If you need any further information please let me know.  All help mostly 
appreciated in advance.

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