Use the database for what it was designed for, storing data that needs to be 
parsed, and use the filesystem for what it was designed for, storing files. 

Just my opinion, but I think it's a good one. :) 


On Thursday 17 November 2005 1:19 am, Marco Schierhorn wrote:
> Hey,
> we´ve large amount of Images ( nearly 2 GB ).
> And they will increase, cause or Editors will submit several articles a
> day where they´re allowed to upload
> some new pics.
> So, whats the better solution ? To store them in the filesystem ( with
> only the path in the db )
> or to store them as BLOB´s in the DB ( MySQL ).
> When we decide to store them in the DB, we´ve thought about splitting
> larger Images ( > 64 K ) into several pieces into the db.
> So, we´ve a simulated "streaming". I´ve seen it at
> So, any recommendation is very welcome.I would really appreciate any of
> them.
> Cheers
> Marco

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