When using JOINS by the simply supplying a comma separated list of tables in 
the FROM clause, is the ON argument normally associated with a join intended 
to be addressed in the WHERE clause, or should ON still be used?

// Comma separated join
SELECT u.*, a.city FROM users u, addresses a WHERE u.id=a.user_id;

// Actual JOIN clause
SELECT u.*, a.city FROM users u INNER JOIN addresses a ON u.id=a.user_id;

// Query style in question
SELECT u.*, a.city FROM users u, addresses a ON u.id=a.user_id;

If not ON, is there at least another viable argument?  The reason I'm 
interested is for a query involving 5 or 6 tables and WHERE arguments which 
do not deal with the relationships.  I would like to assure the efficiency 
of this query.

Thanks in advance,

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