I'm using PHP 4.4.1 and pulling out records from a SQL Server database. I use the mssql extension in PHP to connect to SQL Server. My website works fine for the most part but I have noticed something odd with the dates returned from SQL Server.

In my SQL Server table I have many datetime fields. For example I can clearly see (using Enterprise Manager) the field "fldDateCreated" contains the datetime "06/12/2005 16:20:35" but oddly when I extract this field into a PHP variable the variable contains this: "Dec 6 2005 4:20PM".

Annoyingly I lose the seconds and I need the entire date and time. Can anyone explain why the datetime is getting "converted"? What is doing it (presumably PHP) and how can I get it to stop?

FYI: I use "mssql_pconnect()" to connect to the SQL Server database and "mssql_fetch_assoc()" to extract each row.

Thanks for any help offered!


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