How are you printing/extracting this information?  I find it very
unlikely that it's returning that string - it would eliminate any
localization opportunities as well as time conversion / math operations.

Use print_r() to print the contents returned from SQL Server directly,
if you're using date functions , you're already specifying the format
you want and you just need to add the seconds.

If it really is returning that, then check that you're not using some
helper classes or functions either with the returned value or to build
the SQL query, it's possible there's some sort of "human readable" MSSQL
option being passed in the SQL.

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I'm using PHP 4.4.1 and pulling out records from a SQL Server database. 
  I use the mssql extension in PHP to connect to SQL Server.  My website

works fine for the most part but I have noticed something odd with the 
dates returned from SQL Server.

In my SQL Server table I have many datetime fields.  For example I can 
clearly see (using Enterprise Manager) the field "fldDateCreated" 
contains the datetime "06/12/2005 16:20:35" but oddly when I extract 
this field into a PHP variable the variable contains this: "Dec 6 2005 

Annoyingly I lose the seconds and I need the entire date and time.  Can 
anyone explain why the datetime is getting "converted"?  What is doing 
it (presumably PHP) and how can I get it to stop?

FYI: I use "mssql_pconnect()" to connect to the SQL Server database and 
"mssql_fetch_assoc()" to extract each row.

Thanks for any help offered!


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