Hi there everyone,


I found the PERFECT JAVA Applet for my PHP needs, it allows me to drag and
drop and it uploads via FTP to the server very nicely with progress bar etc
.... however, with this it doesn't send the file name to PHP which is what I
urgently need.


How can I list a directory and grab the latest file that has been added to
it?  I don't have to worry about multiple files being uploaded as once they
upload THEN they are moved to their final resting place on the server :-)


Basically I need to know with FTP how I can grab the filename of the most
recent save file, then my boss will be happy as I'd have solved his problem
on his pet project and I can breath again :-)


Thank you all for your help throughout the past couple of years, you are all
wonderful and I promise this is the last message unless it's directly DB
related (It is technically as I have to add the filename to a DB, but it's
not in the sense it should be and I'm sorry).



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