> On 12/16/05, Murat Beyhan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Im using PHP and MySQL
>> I try to import txt file to mysql Database
>> But file size bigger than 2048KB so I could not import it
>> It is related with range_alloc_block_size
>> Because in mysql this veriable is 2048.
>> If it is possible how can I change this variable.
>> Please If somebody knows this help me..
>> Thank you...
>> Murat

Aaron Koning wrote:

> This could be a number of things. Are you uploading the file in the
> script? Then the max_upload_size may have been exceeded. If not, then it
> could be the memory_limit, or the max_execution_time. Check your httpd/php
> error log (commonly at: /var/log/httpd/error_log) and adjust the
> referenced variables in the PHP ini value or using ini_set().
> Read this post also:
> http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Mail/Message/php-db/2931073
> I can't imagine this is a DB problem.
> Aaron

It might well be. There is a config setting in mysql called
max_allowed_packet which might be relevant in this case. IIRC it defaults
to quite a small value. Yes, the default is 1 Mb in versions 3 and 4 of

David Robley

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