Oops, my bad.  I thought you were trying to launch a .bashrc file.  I've
had my second cup of coffee, and I am feeling better, thank you.

More likely than not your PHP path does not include the path to bash, or
your test.sh script does not have the correct path to bash in it.
Otherwise, it is probably a permissions issue, where the PHP user does
not have execute access to your script.

I can't make any assumptions about your operating system or web server,
as this is really off topic in the php-db list.  

Oh, and the first email I sent you bounced... "The e-mail account does
not exist at the organization this message  was sent to."


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Subject: how can I execute bash file by using exec or system


I try to execute bash script file by using following script


this test.sh file includes the Global Mapping Tools script and create
map.ps file taht is the epicenter distribution file of the earthquakes.

I have obtain epicenters.csv file by using PHP-MYSQL relation

$query = "SELECT Date , Time , Mag , Lat , Lon , Depth INTO OUTFILE
'$filename'  FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' FROM list WHERE Mag >0";

 than after I try to draw epicenter distribution map by using test.sh
file.All this can easily run on the console but by using php I could not
execute test.sh file.
I also use 


But also this could not run bash file.
Are there any people to solve my problem.
Thanks all.

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