PHP Superman wrote:
just to tell you scrolling text boxes are javascript, PHP is server side not
client side, PHP can only get the data from the table and javascript will
display it

On 12/22/05, Alex Major <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi there.
I'm trying to make a scrolling news box for my website. Basically I would
like this news box to get information from a column in my database called
'news_title' and display it in a scrolling news box.
The reason I'd like it to do this is because there is already a news page
my website, which stores 'news_date' ,  'news_poster' ,  'news_title' ,
'news_description' , 'news_content' in a table on my database. I'd just
to increase the functionality of this by having this news box on my front
page, which scrolls the 'news_title'.

Any suggestions for how to go about doing this? I'm still very new to php.


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Hi Everyone, I am running PHP 5 on Windosws XP SP2 with MySQL5, Bye Now!

If you want an easy way of letting text scroll, use <marquee> tags

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