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Från: just starting [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Skickat: den 31 december 2005 19:41
Ämne: [PHP-DB] Having problem accessing page while downloading from server.

I have set up apache http server version 2.0.53. I am having problem when I
try to access some data via php while downloading some file. The download
thing is done by calling a php script. And in the middle of downloading when
I try to access some other php from the server it gives connection time out
error and the connection that  I had established for file download closes by
itself without any exception. The download thing is done by calling the
readfile() function.

Another thing is that when I try to download something from my server it
works fine via the php page.(No other requests for any other page)But when I
want to start another download then it just waits for the first download to
finish. So why are they not sharing resources, like my bandwidth, and why
the 2nd wait for the 1st to finish. Is there any configuration setting for
this that I have messed up. Or do I have to add something in my php files.

current server config:


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