date ( string format [, int timestamp] )

To turn a php timestamp into something that will be recognized by the mysql DATE type, you might try this:

$due_date= //however you set up you invoice+14days timestamp
$mysql_date = date("Y-m-d",$due_date);// makes a string like YYYY-MM-DD

The php date() function can form just about any string you want to make from a date if you've got a timestamp, which you do.

What formate is your original date in? There may be an even simpler way of doing it.


Ruprecht Helms wrote:

how can I calculate the due date from the date of an invoice and
insert the result into a mysql-database. The daydifference is 14 days.

Actualy I have tried something with mktimes, but I only get the timestamp of the due date. I have troubles to write that into a dabasefield that was set to datetype.


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