Neil made a great post about storing credit card data at your own site 
securely.  I thought I'd add a note:  If you do implement his suggestion, 
I'd suggest adding a Reference type situation:
(1) When you add credit card data to the system, have it return a valid 
Reference to that credit card.  This Reference is only valid within your 
(2) Store the credit card Reference with the end-user record (for monthly 
(3) To run a monthly billing, simply send the credit card Reference, with 
the $amt to your secure credit card server for processing.  It keeps the 
log, and returns a simple SUCCESS or ERROR return

Note: Make sure to store the billing data with that credit card #, so you 
keep your rates down.


Neil Smith [MVP, Digital media] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
As Bob's book is so bloody good, here's the ASIN for it in case you
want to read all 650 pages of good advice ;-)

Cheers - Neil

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