Hi there everyone,


I have a system which dynamically creates a template based website which can
be turned on or off by a switch, to access it a user would do
http://www.websitename/templatename and then it would produce a 404 (NOT
look for a dir as this allows me to use a DB switch to enable the system).
However, when they enter a similar URL as the above it DOES redirect using:


ErrorDocument 404 /redirect.php


BUT the PHP page it redirects to, which has the following code:








DOESN'T show the referrer page and I MUST have that in order to find what
template they are aimining to look at.  I can't query my MySQL DB without
this information, am I doing something wrong?  I did it once before about a
year ago but no longer have the code and I SWEAR I did it this way.


Any help would really be appreciated.



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