Thanks for the suggestions, the nl2br has been a common suggestion and think
that I have found more of what the problem is. (And it is kinda php specific
cause its php pages). Basically its not displaying it correctly on the page,
the text in the database is now being stored correctly (with lines / breaks
where they are supposed to be) but for some reason when that info is then
pulled from the database, the lines get removed.
Any ideas why?

On 12/1/06 17:41, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"

> What? Nobody said "This has nothing to do with PHP and databases?"  Sheesh...
> someone must be sleeping. :)  Ok, so it sorta does relate..
> But yeah... no2br() will do it for you.  Textarea input types DO send a
> newline and/or carriage return (didn't test and might be system specific), so
> if you just take your form $_POST data and use nl2br() before you store it in
> the database (or probably after... should be able to store a newline/carriage
> return in the database) it should produce the results you desire.
> test.php:
> <form action="test.php" method="post">
> <textarea name="testarea">
> </textarea>
> <input type="submit">
> </form>
> <?php
> if (isset($_POST['testarea'])) {
>   echo nl2br($_POST['testarea']);
> }
> ?>
> Look at the source code after you submit if you have any doubts/questions.
> -TG
> = = = Original message = = =
> use the nl2br() function to convert the newlines to <br>
> bastien
>> From: Alex Major <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> To: <>
>> Subject: [PHP-DB] Formatting a form box
>> Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 16:33:01 +0000
>> Hi there,
>> On one of my forms, there is a section where users can put images etc..and
>> then it is displayed on my php pages. My question is how do I make it so
>> that the html formatting is automatically done. For example when someone is
>> typing something, and wants to start a new paragraph although they press
>> return when typing when the data is displayed from the MySQL database on a
>> website it's just continuous text. For it to start a new paragraph they
>> have
>> to put <p> in when they are typing in this box. They do not know all the
>> html formatting codes, and so I need someway of making so that it is easy
>> for them to have formatted text without doing all the html.
>> Also things like changing colours, bold, italic and things would be good.
>> Something like on forums, where when you enter a new post you have all the
>> formatting options.
>> Hope this makes sense,
>> Regards,
>> Alex.
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