Yes I can help you there..

There is a technique you can use which is actually more "browser" friendly then the Javascript alternative you mentioned..

You can use the META tags in your page as such:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="10">

will refresh page in 10 seconds

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="10;url=";>

will reload page in 10 seconds and direct browser to one of my first highschool webpages..

For a quick reference I found this via the I'm Feeling Lucky of Google:

Otherwise the good ole' W3C at will have some great doco's on it too

enjoy ;-)

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I did a little bit of script that refreshes a text slogan every 5 or so seconds with a new slogans and wraps to each slogan, I had about 5, and loops over and over again. This was done WITHOUT the need of refreshing the page. I think I used JavaScript but not 100% sure of this. Has anyone seen this before I seen a site use it?

I can't recall the site I did it for, I know I have done it before. I need the code again without needing to re-do it all again as it took me a while to configure it last time.

 The site is written in PHP and uses MySQL.

 Any help would be mostly appreciated.


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