The code worked perfectly when databases 'bebbicell' and 'asterisk' were in the separate machines. It stopped working, when i copied the website to my machine.


On 17 Jan 2006, at 18:48, Micah Stevens wrote:

On Tuesday 17 January 2006 7:57 am, Aarno Syvänen wrote:
Hi List,

I do not claim that this is bug, but it is not a nice feature either.

I do have following:

/* db.php */
$db_user = ******
$db_pass = ******
$db_db = "bebbicell";

$db_account_user = ********
$db_account_pass = ********
$db_account_db = "asterisk";

//$level= error_reporting ( 0);
//error_reporting ( $level);

//$level= error_reporting ( 0);
//error_reporting ( $level);
mysql_select_db($db_account_db, $accid);

Note that databases here are totally unrelated. They are on the same
machine only
because i am developing. I want later to move  'asterisk' to a
separate machine, but
when i do this, i want just change $db*s, not any other code. Because
on this, i want
both $bid and $accid to be valid handles.

Currently it is not so. Both

$res = mysql_query($sql,$accid);
$err = mysql_error($accid);

will generate error

Warning: mysql_query(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link
resource in /var/www/

And yes, there are no functions in signup.php.


If you remove the $bid connection code, (comment it out) does your test code
with $accid work?


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