On Thu, 19 Jan 2006 22:55, Ed wrote:
> I've been considering doing a little project for my community site
> which allow people to sell and buy players ... They would have a limit
> of 2,000,000 upon sign up .. However i'm not sure how i'd update this
> figure ....
> Say player sells for example Alan Shearer for £300,000 he'd then have
> 2,300,000 how would i make it add to whats in the db already? same goes
> for if he was sold and it went down to 1,700,000.
> Ed

You haven't read the mysql docs much, I guess. Assuming you are storing 
your limit as an integer:

UPDATE table SET value = value + $newamount WHERE [something to identify 
the record to be updated]

where $newamount is the positive or negative value of the increase passed 
in from wherever. 

David Robley

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