Again.. your forgiveness. This is a MySQL question. If the MySQL mailing lists 
would include a [MySQL Help] tag in their subject lines, I'd use them.  What I 
receive from them is difficult to distinguish from spam half the time so I gave 

We had a problem a few months ago and now I can't find my notes relating to it. 
 The problem we had involved storing money data as either float or decimal and 
having the 'cents' round improperly.   And it wasn't just a matter of 10.05 
becoming 10.06, it was something along the lines of 10.05 becoming 10.12.

This was when just a straight UPDATE was performed.  I remember doing it 
manually, not even through PHP, using absolutely no math functions, just a 
totally straight:

UPDATE SomeTable SET AmtOwed = 10.74

Someone made a recommendation of "never use SOMETYPE for money.. you should use 

I've spent the better part of the afternoon trying to find my notes, recreate 
the bug in our database, search online for the discussion I had then or other 
information about this.  So far I'm coming up empty.

We're retooling some of our database and trying to make it more efficient and 
accurate and this is on the list of things to doublecheck.  If anyone has any 
comments, criticisms, information, etc... I'd love to hear them.

We're running MySQL 4.1.11-standard.



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