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I am new to the list.
I thought I would call my question stupid just to raise some eyebrows to
those who might like to flame me for not reading some basic php/mysql books.
Fact is - I have -
I have been working with some scripts where I can change them and expand on
them to suit my needs.
I really don't think my question is stupid.
It is just that time is of the essence and I am optimistic that I might make
some friends to help me with some quick answers to get my scripts running.

OK, sorry for the long winded info.
For today I will ask for a script that will gather emails from the email
field of a table in a database and send a news letter to those emails.
How do I compose the email formatted with html for a professional look and
send it to everyone in the database.

If I haven't got myself kicked of this list yet, here is another basic

I want users to be able to select a date for their schedule.
I do not want them to have to follow the format of yyyy-mm-dd
I just want them to select a month from a pulldown, then a day, and then a
year. (I have all this set up all ready)
What is confusing me is the part where I need to think out of the box a bit
and combine there three selection into a date field.
Like $month + $day + $year
INSERT $month$day$year into $date; and come up with something that looks
like 2006-08-13
I hope you know what I am trying to do here.

Have I made any friends yet?

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