Ron Piggott (PHP wrote:

> Yesterday I asked how to get the date & time 90 minutes ago and I
> received several responses.  Thanks.
> I don't think this select statement is working "correctly".  (Correctly
> being what I am intending it to do)
> I took a look at the table this morning.  One record remains that was
> created 2006-01-19 at 23:55:37.  These are the values of date_created
> and time_created.  The current values are approximately 2006-01-20 and
> 05:50:00
> This is the select statement I am writing about:
> SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `date_created` <= '$date_90_minutes_ago' AND
> `time_created` <= '$time_90_minutes_ago'
> Intellectually I know the problem: 05:50:00 is much earlier than
> 23:55:37 ... thus my AND is not allowing both conditions to exist
> together.
> Is there a way that I may modify this SELECT statement so the present
> conditions continue to exist and add a second part to the SELECT
> statement that if the time is 01:30:00 or higher that records from the
> previous day are selected?  This continues to allow the 90 minute time
> frame for users logged into my web site ... I am not sure how you would
> add an OR function to the above without messing up what presently
> works :)
> (I am writing a SESSION function for my web site using mySQL and a cron.
> The select statement I quoted above is part of the cron.)
> Ron

It would seem you have different columns for date and time? Seems to me that
a little judicious use of CONCAT and DATE_SUB might solve your problem. In
other words, create a valid date/timestamp value with CONCAT then use
DATE_SUB to determine -90 min.

I've given a Mysql based solution as this is php.db :-)

David Robley

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