You still need to set the PHPRC system variable to c:\php5 (on the
System Properties menu, Advanced tab, click Environment Variables).
Also, PHP4 has an "extensions" directory.  PHP5 should point to

extension_dir = "C:\PHP5\ext\"

PLEASE NOTE that I disagree with Frank that the "correct" methodology is
to pollute system32 with all of your PHP DLLs.  This makes maintenance
harder.  All of my dll's live in the C:\php tree, so when I swap to the
next 5.1.x release, I don't have to go hunt down a bunch of random dll's
in system32.

When I tried to run only the mssql extension, I kept getting a php
startup error that it was "Unable to load c:\php5\ext\php_mssql.dll".  I
knew that the file was there, why couldn't it be opened?  I researched
this (sorry, lost the link) and found that mssql extension has a
dependency on the mysql extension.  So then I was getting "Unable to
load c:\php5\ext\php_mysql.dll".  That's when I learned that it's best
to set your PHPRC System Variable to load the required dll's directly
from the php5 directory tree, rather than copying them to system32.

This should be especially useful to you as you are running 5.1.2-dev, as
these dll's may change with the stable release.


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From: Andrew Kleimeyer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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To: Bastien Koert
Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Problem installing mssql extension

Yes.  My extensions directory is c:\php\extensions and I'm already
successfully running the mysql extension.

On 1/25/06, Bastien Koert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Have you added the path to the extensions in the path/dir section to 
> point to the extensions directory?
> ext_dir = c:\php5\ext;
> bastien
> >From: Andrew Kleimeyer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >To:
> >Subject: [PHP-DB] Problem installing mssql extension
> >Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 12:56:09 +0800
> >
> >I've read all the documentation, and tried every suggestion, but I'm
> still
> >unable to run the mssql extension.  When I uncomment the line in 
> >php.ini, PHP crashes.
> >
> >My system:
> >Windows 2000
> >IIS 5.0
> >PHP Version 5.1.2-dev
> >
> >What I have tried:
> >I've placed the ntwdblib.dll that came with php into the 
> >winnt/system32/ directory.  Nothing.
> >I've placed the ntwdblib.dll that is running on my mssql machine into

> >winnt/system32/ directory on the php machine.  Nothing.
> >I've copied the php_mssql.dll into the winnt/system32/ directory on 
> >the
> php
> >machine. Nothing.
> >
> >Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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