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Subject: screen resolution!


I have written a website in PHP using MYSQL. But I have come accross an un-common problem. Normally when I create a website it's done on a desktop PC. But this time for the first time I did it on laptop meaning the screen resolution is different.

Is there any sort of script/code I can use to create another section of my site in a desired screen resolution without me having to do it all manually?

I would really recommend that screen size / resolution detection is no longer the way forward. It's perfectly possible to use CSS +/- XHTML correctly to have the page reflow without all the stylesheet switching hacks that would be required in the 'old school' (read : 1999) way of doing things.

You'd need to use structural markup rather than try to 'force to fit' with tables etc, but it's entirely possible to generate flexible layouts that can display on any device, even a PDA, without screen size detection. Search engines like sematic layout too, and your menu for example may not be the first thing they or a screen reader encounters in the page - though it may *appear* at the top of the page due to CSS telling it where to be displayed.

Here are some links for you to consider : all are worth reading and digesting from end to end.

I know of many scripts online that I can DETERMINE visitors screen resolutions and recommend the

** Assuming javascript is turned on, or even the display device supports that detection. And bear in mind, many users *may not wish* to have their browser maximised just to view your site.

Cheers - Neil
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