Dear all:

I have been exploring about this issue quite a lot, and find no solution:

Platform: Debian, MySql 4.1.11, PHP 4.3.10-2, Apache.

Is there any way I can retrieve a set of values depending in a where clause:

For example:

from a set of values in one field: 1,2,5,8,9,11,13

I'd like to retrieve a record (8) and also the previous one (5) and the
next one (9) (so the record set would be: 5,8,9)

I have found the "Handler" function in the Manual, but it and keeps
giving me errors (I have also checked in the manual and it seems to work
with MySql 4.1.x)

/* --Start example
HANDLER tbl_sm04_indicador READ PK_indicador_id { FIRST | NEXT | PREV |

WHERE PK_indicador_id=8

LIMIT 0, 3
--End example (I know, I am completely lost)*/

Does anybody has tried this function before?.
Is it useful for the result I would like to accomplish?
Could anybody could share an example of how to use this function?

Thanks and best regards.

Alvaro Cobo

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