Not a php related question at all for starters but anyway....i think you need to read up on CSS layout's if the site is properly structure using CSS then you will not have much to worry about regarding different resolutions. Ever heard of floats?

google will show you the light!


JeRRy wrote:

Okay I did some more surfing, on a VERY popular website used by neally a 
million users.  I checked their CSS and they use px and pt meassurements.  So 
maybe that is not my issue than.  Maybe I don't have an issue to worry about?
What are people's thoughts on this, all the input the better here as I am creating a website that will be viewed by alot of people so want it readable by the majority. I know screen res of 600* is very old and few would use it, the site appears pretty big with it but things appears just about where it should. However when you try and view the copyright notice it cuts the last line out, what causes this? Would It be useful to add to breaks at the end? J Hi everyone, I have created this website in PHP and mySQL at but have come accross an error I was not aware of before. Now I am using stylesheets and I have been surfing the net for about 90 minutes and yet to find a solution, so thought I'd post here, could be basic but i can't find it online anywhere. Get alot of forum refrences but no solution. Here is the code below before I continue: <style type="text/css">
 html {
background : url(images/background3.jpg); } body { margin : 0; padding : 0 1px; border : 0; height : 100px; background : url(images/background3.jpg); } body { font-family : arial, serif; font-size : 16px; } #page { margin : 310px 0 50px 250px; display : block; width : 500px; border : 1 solid #000; background : url(images/background3.jpg); padding : 10px; } #page .right { font-size : 30px; float : right; } #menu { display : block; top : 110px; left : 20px; width : 130px; position : fixed; border : 0; padding : 10px; text-align : center; font-weight : bold; color : #fff; } * html #menu { position : absolute; } #menu a:visited, #menu a { display : block; width : 120px; height : 20px; margin : 0 auto; border-top : 0 solid #fff; border-bottom : 0 solid #000; text-align : center; text-decoration : none; line-height : 20px; color : #000; } #menu a:hover { background : #aaa; color : #fff; } .clear { clear : both; } p:first-letter { font-size : 25px; color : #cc3333; } #fixpic { display : block; width : 108px; height : 145px; position : fixed; bottom : 0; left : 0; } * html #fixpic { position : absolute; } #adsie { position : absolute; top : 10px; right : 30px; } </style>

Now I have been told NOT to use "px" but use "%" for meassurements because this is relient on resolution/screen_size. HOWEVER what does 1px equal in %? Some have said 30px equals 3% and some say 30px equals 30%. 30px and 30% don't seem right, I changed my CSS for this and it pushes everything only slightly to the RIGHT. But removes the menu altogether. Can anyone offer some help here? Also if a table is made like this: <table width=300 height=400> Is that default % or px or what? What is the best method to use that will work in people using screens of 600* and 1024* and both be able to view the site cleanly and easily? I will continue to surf. J

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