apparently the first problem is a known bug in 5.1.1 and 5.1.2.

the second one i can't explain yet. the syntax is correct from the best i can determine from what little documentation is out there. has anyone successfully implemented this with MSSQL/ODBC? i could switch back to 5.1.0 if that is what is needed.

Travis Raybold wrote:

i'm using PHP 5.1.2 (with IIS6, which is a long story), and trying to manipulate a database with PDO_ODBC accessing a MS SQL Server database. i can execute normal queries with no problem. but when i start executing prepared statements i run into problems. has anyone successfully used multiple parameter prepared statements with MSSQL and PDO? one thing that would help is if i could get the full text of whatever PDO is trying to send to SQL Server, does anyone know of a way to get that?

i set up a test table zTestTable, with a TestID autoincrement primary key int, a Test (nvarchar(200)) and a TestNumber(int). when i execute the following code, it inserts a row with the value 1 for Test and TestNumber. the same thing happens if i try to use ? parameters instead of named parameters.

$oConnection = new PDO($sDSN);
$sSQL = 'INSERT INTO zTest_TBL (Test, TestNumber) VALUES (:Test, :TestNumber) ';
$oStatement = $oConnection->prepare($sSQL);
$s='test insert string passing an array to execute';

the second bit of code is an attempt to bind parameters and run the same insert. this one inserts a row with NULLs for Test and TestNumber.

$oConnection = new PDO($sDSN);
$sSQL = 'INSERT INTO zTest_TBL (Test, TestNumber) VALUES (:Test, :TestNumber) ';
print $sSQL;
$oStatement = $oConnection->prepare($sSQL);
$s2='test insert string binding a parameter';
$oStatement->bindParam(':Test', $s2, PDO::PARAM_STR);
$oStatement->bindParam('TestNumber', $i, PDO::PARAM_INT);

any ideas?

thanks in advance,


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