Having a weird problem.

Here's the call:

DBAddBlog($blog, $today);

And here's the function
 * FUNCTION: DBAddBlog($blog, $today)
 * DESCRIPTION: adds the blog
 * RETURNED: nothing
function DBAddBlog($blog, $today)
mysql_query("UPDATE `table` SET `id` = '3' WHERE `id` =2");
mysql_query("UPDATE `table` SET `id` = '2' WHERE `id` =1");
mysql_query("INSERT INTO `table` ( `id` , `date` , `blog` ) VALUES ('1',
'$today', '$blog')");
mysql_query("DELETE FROM `table` WHERE `id` ='3' ");

Everything get's run except for the INSERT INTO if there is an apostrophe in
the value $blog. If I replace the apostrophe with ' it works fine.

On my server I'm running PHP 4.4 and mySQL 4.1.16. I design there and
publish elsewere. On my server everything works fine all the time, but on
the production server I'm running PHP 4.3.11  and MySQL 4.1.12 that's where
i'm having problems with the apostrophe.


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