I have noticed a real gap in my_sqli docs out there.

 Specifically, it would be nice to know with prepared statements
 ($stmt), what methods/properties they have specifically available and
 which are only available to the ($result) result object of a query.
 Also, which if any are not available any more and which are supposed
 to be made available soon.

 I can't tell you how much time I wasted trying to get
 mysqli_fetch_fields to work with prepared statements.

 Also, and admittedly I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to db handling
 within functions, but I was extending sqli and having a difficult time
 returning prepared statments through a function call. I suppose there
 is something specific I'm missing when it comes to that as well. Not
 sure if the prepared statement has to be specifcally initiallized.

 I can throw some code bits at ya if these aren't trivial problems that
 I'm missing some giant peice of information for.

 Lastly, this is all on windows machines. You can groan. I don't mind.
 I am running PHP 5.??? and MySQL 5? I believe. They should both be
 ultra recent.

 I even got the upgrade dll from mysql.

 -Alex Boese

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