thanks to all for the answers. I'm reading the Replication section of
MySQL manual. It is exactly what I need.

My scenary is of of one Mysql working in Intranet, and the replication
in another server in Internet. Both working with Linux, I expect
people indexing information in both sides at same time.

As I am reading in MysQL manual, I will need to establish the
connection by some port. I ignore the security and performance
consequences in the Internet server side.
It can be better using an alternative port?

Also, I can expect some decrement in my internet server?
There is some advice regarding authomatic updates in the MySQL engine?

Any advice will be of great help

thanks again,

> You can setup two servers in a master slave situation, you'll need to do all
> your inserts on the master, but the slave will stay synced. There is some 
> latency to that setup, but depending on a few variables it's not too long. 
> MySQL Cluster is released now too, which may provide a better solution, but 
> I've never looked at it. Just go to their website and read up on it. 
> -Micah

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