Put nl2br() around the field in the table that you saved newlines

<td align="left">' . nl2br($row['task_usaction']) . '</td>

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As for an update...

Through trial-and-error, I've determined the following don't work...

Attempt 1:

nl2br($result) = mysql_query ($query); // Run the query.

Attempt 2:

$result = mysql_query ($query); // Run the query.
 $result = nl2br($result)

Attempt 3:

$bg = '#eeeeee'; // Set the background color.
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {
 $bg = ($bg=='#eeeeee' ? '#ffffff' : '#eeeeee'); // Switch the
background color.
 echo nl2br( '<tr valign="top" bgcolor="' . $bg . '">
  <td align="left"><a href=edit_task.php?id=' .
$row['task_id'] . '">Edit</a></td>
 <td align="left">' . $row['task_task_no'] . '</td>
 <td align="left">' . $row['icaotask_no'] . '</td>
 <td align="left">' . $row['task_usaction'] . '</td>


Now, attempt 3 kind of worked.  It did insert the \n but it almost
doubled the size of the table.  IOW, instead of 13 rows (the correct
number of rows), it stated the table off with 12 empty rows
(alternating between the two color shades) and then displayed the 13
correct rows.

Perhaps this was the proper placement of nl2br but there is something
in the other code that screwed up the presentation???


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Subject: [PHP-DB] Where did my Hard Returns go?

Good morning.

I created an edit_task page that allows the user to edit tasks for the
database.  I entered some text and used some hard returns.

But when I went to view the tasks (using a PHP script if it matters),
the hard returns didn't "take."  None of em.  All of the text is
jumbled together.

I checked within the MySQL database and noticed the Hard Returns show in the

database (at
least while using phpMyAdmin).

Must have something to do with PHP?  Where did I go wrong???




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