All you need to do is run a query to your db to get the times.
  than use something like this:
  // Multiplying with varaibles 
$factorA = .01; 
$factorB = number_format(system_value('usercount'), 0); 
$product = $factorA * $factorB + .25; 
echo $product;
  What this one does is count a total number of user on the website, than use 
factorA and multiplies that with factorB + a certain value.
  But this won't bring it in-line to what you want, but you could run some code 
to work it out. (just divide by .60?)

Hi All    I have two tables with columns of times that it took to perform tasks 
  eg:      8:40    6:50    8:30  10:55  ---------  34:55 total time taken to 
complete the tasks in hours and minutes    I am able to add the times with sql 
however I need to add the totals to   cone  up with a grand total and because 
of the makeup of the tables I cant   use  sql. I am there for going to have to 
use php code and this is where the  problem comes in because in sql there is 
SEC_TO_TIME and TIME_TO_SEC  functions that allow easy addition of the times 
but I cant find an  equivalent in php. Does any one know of a way that I can 
add to times  together in php.  

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