CREATE TABLE `users` (userID int(11) not null auto_increment, primary 
key(userID), name tinytext not null, email tinytext not null);

CREATE TABLE `links` (userID int(11), key (userID), friendID int(11), 

$friends = mysql_query("select, users.userID from users left join 
links on links.friendID = users.userID where links.userID = 

echo "<h1>You have friends!!</h1>";
while ($f = mysql_fetch_assoc($friends)) {
echo "<a 

do (!$use) {
        coldfusion('Cause it sucks');

(har har) 

On Monday 06 March 2006 9:47 pm, Daevid Vincent wrote:
> Anyone have some pointers at a HowTo on creating a social network?
> Basically I need to show people in your immediate network, and also friends
> of your friends, etc... Like the whole 'six degrees of separation' thing.
> Ala: myspace, friendster, etc. ad nauseum.
> I prefer mySQL and PHP, but I could port from most any code. I guess I'm
> mostly interested in the theory of this an how do I set up the tables
> properly and what is the magic incantation (JOIN) to get this "chain" of
> people.

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