>>Sure, mysql.com and seasrch for crypt. Not sure why this is asked on a 
>>PHP list since it has nothing to do with PHP.

> b) every language has a crypt function

Then I guess it's okay to have crypt questions/answers on "every language"

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Bastien Koert wrote:

> Not PHP?

Correct, not PHP. most DB engines have built in encryption funtions for 
use in their INSERT (IE "store the password in the DB so that it is 
encrypted") and SELECT (for verifying it with the same funtion you used 

> http://us3.php.net/crypt

yes "Not PHP":

  a) crypt() has nothing to do with a query
  b) every language has a crypt function

The question has more to do with a general idea of how to accomplish a 
task, the most suitable answer to is to be had in their DB 
documentation, since data should be independant of the language handling 
it (whether it a real language like C or Perl or a wanna be duct taped 
hack like PHP - no need for flames, I won't listen or care ;p)


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