No, I agree, for this matter you can never create a regular expression
well written enough to match all or even most of the lingo we use.
Been off the list for a couple of days and just stumbled across this

Our company uses some kind of 'nicey-nice gotta have a non-threatening
work environment' filter and I've had a couple of emails (somebody had a
post with the 'S' word written out in it's ugly full self, shame -
shame...) rejected because of the inclusion of 'FORBIDDEN WORDS'(tm).
Interestingly, this thread full of F|_|CKs and D1CKH3EDs made it through
totally unscathed.  Spam containing ads for all known s3xual enhancement
products are delivered to my doorstop every day.

Kinda makes the point that you'll never trap even a fraction of the
offensive content given the immense creativity of the human mind.


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