Try to make a small new script that only contains a form and a session.
Then try a from with the same field names as the variable names.
name='test' => $_SESSION['test'].
When the session data is overwritten by the second try, registerglobals is
switchd on.
The thing you can do then is to rename your form fields. I use:
This outputs an array:
$_POST =>
        in =>
                YourFieldName = 'bar'


Op Sun, 12 Mar 2006 15:17:40 -0500, schreef Ron Piggott (PHP):

> I am wondering if
> <form method=POST 
> causes the
> session_id();
> to change or be reset.
> Some how my $_SESSION[''] variables are "dumping" when I use the POST
> command above.  
> More importantly I am not sure what to do about it.  
> Any ideas?
> Ron

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