Ah yes, that's true. I didnt realize that. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Rob W. wrote:
It's all fixed and works. If anybody is wondering how this turned out, here's the begining of the results.



if (!($f=fopen("sc_serv.conf","r")))
  exit("Unable to open file.");
  while (!feof($f))
    $x=fgets($f, 100);
    list($variable, $data) = explode("=", $x);
    echo "<form method=\"POST\" action=\"update.php\">";
    if ($variable == "MaxUser") {
echo "Max Users: <input type=\"text\" value=\"$data\" name=\"MaxUser\" size=\"3\"><br />";
    if ($variable == "Password") {
echo "Password: <input type=\"text\" value=\"$data\" name=\"Password\" size=\"15\"><br />";
    // echo "$variable $data<br />";

echo "<p /><input type=\"SUBMIT\" value=\"Submit\" /></form>";




$newconfig = "";


You're not using these variables anywhere so it'd be best to remove them (might be confusing later on if you need to come back to it).

or you can leave them there and do:

$newconfig = '';
$newconfig .= "MaxUser=" . $maxuser . "\n";
$newconfig .= "Password=" . $password . "\n";

instead of the foreach($_POST... loop.

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