I agree.

Andrew Darby wrote:

> maybe it's due to register_globals being set to off:
> http://www.phpnoise.com/tutorials/2/1
> On 3/15/06, Paul Anderson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Please forgive me if this comes through twice.  I am a new subscriber and
>> the first send did not seem to work.
>> We recently moved all our websites to a new server using php 4.3.10.
>> We are having problem with ONE function.  Any time a php script or form
>> is
>> supposed to send a response or email to us or a user, or  the mail is not
>> sent.  We have tried various formail.php versions, sendmail.php and
>> written our own most basic scripts.
>> Our php scripted calender program will not send confirmation, notices or
>> allow email questions to be sent to those that post events. All  other
>> functions work without problem.
>> Feedback forms do not send when SUBMITed.  We  see them come in to the
>> server but no mail is sent.  Like I said, we have used a wide variety of
>> formmail and sendmail and written our own barebones script but they will
>> not work.
>> What does not work on the new server with php 4.3.10 still works on the
>> old server with an earliver php 3 version.
>> Can anyout help with ideas what is wrong.  I think it is in the set up of
>> the php 4.3.10 but we can't find it if it is.
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