Thanks, Jeremy and Bastien. I just tried nl2br and it has the unfortunate
side effect of losing everything except the most recently added data when I
update the database. I think I need something like the 'local $/ = "\r\n"'
construct in perl...


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Try nl2br.

At 04:00 PM 3/20/2006, you wrote:

I am using a PHP script to pull information from a FoxPro database via ODBC.
One of the fields is a memo field (large text) that contains newline
characters. Displaying this info to the web page is fine as the newlines are
ignored. The challenge is when I combine user entered text with the existing
info and try to update the database. It fails with an "unrecognized command"
because the end of field delimiter is on a different line. We're running on
PHP 4.2.7 and I have tried using various combinations of str_replace to
eliminate the newline characters, but I have been unsuccessful. Any
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