I am current trying to migrate an existing system using MySQLi to use 
PDO and I have a quick question with regards to Prepared Statements. 
Essentially I'd like to replicate the Prepared Statement functionality 
of PDO using MySQLi so that I can gradually update all the required 
pages to use similar function calls, and then swap everything over in 
one go rather than spending ages on a big rewrite.

Using PDO you can pass parameters as an array which are bound to the 
query. Something like:

$stmt = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM Blah WHERE foo = ?");
$params = array("SomeValue");

The PDO function "execute" takes 1 parameter which is an array.

There are similar functions in MySQLi such as bind_param and bind_result 
of which one of the parameters is of type "mixed &var1 [, mixed &...]".

Is it possible to construct an array of this type and pass it to these 
functions, and if so how?

I know is's possible to call these functions with something like:

$stmt = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM Blah WHERE foo = ?");
$paramTypes = "s";
$params = array("SomeValue");
$stmt->bind_param($paramTypes, $params[0]);

But it seems you cannot pass the array itself using the '&' operator.


Rob Hamilton

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