I found the problem. I had 2 separate PHP sections of code with a blank line
between them. For some reason, the blank line was causing the newline to be
outputted before the file. I found it by accidentally putting a blank space
between the sections that output the file and the free the results from the
queries and it put a newline at the end of the output data.

Thanks everyone for the help with this. 

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Mickey Martin wrote:

> From what I can tell, the 0a is not in the file, but is being inserted 
>either with the echo or by the browser when it receives the file. Does 
>anyone know if a proxy server would cause this? There shouldn't be one 
>involved, but I am going to contact my IT department to find out how it 
>is configured today.
0a is new line character code. Check your script you must be somewhere
displaying it.

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