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Missed that part...

That won't tell you what a person has installed on their computer, but
I guess you could put both msn & yahoo links on your site and the
person can click the right one...

Yes thats what I do, as was mentioned actually detecting their client is much more of a process, involving actual interaction with client browser software/modules, therefore requiring so many conditions to be met, correct browser type/version, security controls set to allowable level, messenging client in question is actually running and installed as expected by your script, and then of course actually writing this script to check for it.

All sounds like too much for as far as I am concerned, if a user can't choose between two or three possible supported messenger clients than they shouldn't have access to a digital instrument such as computer. I hate illiterate computer consumers [yes, not users, consumers, they only become users once they realise you don't NEED a mouse to operate a computer NOR do you refer to the case of a computer as a "modem")

Anyway, rant aside... toodles!

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