Good morning Bastien

This doesn't help.  I am having no problems creating the form of what the 
current permissions are based on the permission access table.  I am not sure 
what to do with the form once it has been submitted.  

I am able to create the table which shows each permission function and what 
the current values are.  Take a look at the name= fields; "Discipleship & 
Follow Up" is a category, the 2 functions being granted permission are the 
Christian Ministry & Business Directory Administration and the Verse of the 
Day Administration.

<tr><td><font face="times new roman">Discipleship & Follow Up</td>
<td><font face="times new roman"><table><tr><td width="80%"><input 
type="checkbox" name="3" checked="checked">
Christian Ministry and Business Directory Administration</td><td 
width="20%"><input type=text name="performance_review_3" value="2006-03-11" 
size=10 maxlength=10></td></tr>
<tr><td width="80%"><input type="checkbox" name="1" checked="checked">
Verse of the Day Administration</td><td width="20%"><input type=text 
name="performance_review_1" value="2006-03-08" size=10 maxlength=10></td></tr>

My problem is that I am not sure how to find out the value of $3 and 
$performance_review_3 when the form has been submitted.  The reason I am 
having problems is because the # changes --- it is 3 and 1 in the above 

What I want to do is a SELECT * using the logged in user's reference number 
as the searching criteria ... then take a look at what was just submitted and 
then see if there is a difference.  If there is a difference make what was 
submitted through the form (above) reality.

I am going to query the table that generated the form (above) --- it knows 
how many components there are and then I could use a 

WHILE $i < $number_of_permissions {


What troubles me is that $i isn't $3 and I am not sure how to retrieve the 
value of $3 when $i isn't the same variable name.  


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