Martin Alterisio wrote:
1) Check that the string is not being truncated because of the column length

2) If you're seeing this data being truncated in the html output of your
site, check if it isn't being caused by outputing the data without properly
encoding special html characters.

3) ..... dunno

Do a select directly from the mysql console (bypassing php) to verify that the data is really truncated in the db and not in the output process (per Martin's suggestion.


2006/4/25, Skip Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Hello all,

I'm brand spanking new to the list and have a
quick question.

I was under the impression that addslashes() would
handle single quote marks in INSERT statements,
but when I execute the following:

$sql="UPDATE images SET orderno=$orderno,
WHERE imageID=$imageID";

...and $caption contains something like:

"Don't look"

...the data is chopped off at the single quote mark.

How, if not addslashes(), does one handle this?

Skip Evans
Big Sky Penguin, LLC
61 W Broadway
Butte, Montana 59701

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